Pokemon Mewtwo Returns

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Pokemon Mewtwo ReturnsWatch Pokemon Mewtwo Returns
Genres: action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, science fiction
Plot Summary: The Team Rocket leader, Giovanni, has found Mewtwo in a remote area of the Johto region. As Giovanni tries to re-capture Mewtwo, Ash and his friends are kidnapped by Domino, a new Team Rocket member, while trying to rescue Pikachu from Jessie and James. The Clone Pokemon are also captured and are then used as bait for Mewtwo. The situation then becomes a battle between the wills of Mewtwo and Giovanni; and Mewtwo also tries to discover if it and the clones have a purpose in life, even though they are products of science.

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Pokemon Mewtwo Returns Video Links:
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Pokemon Mewtwo Returns Part 1 English Dubbed (Byzoo)
Pokemon Mewtwo Returns Part 2 English Dubbed (Byzoo)
Pokemon Mewtwo Returns Part 3 English Dubbed (Byzoo)
Pokemon Mewtwo Returns English Dubbed (Yourupload)
Pokemon Mewtwo Returns English Dubbed (

Alternative Title:
Pocket Monsters: Myuutsu! Ware wa Koko ni Ari
Pocket Monsters: Myuutsu! I Exist Here

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