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Pirateers GamePlay Pirateers
Genres: Adventure, Strategy,
Game Summary: Be a pirate captain – get your crew, prepare your cannons, set the sail and begin your voyage to hunt for the legendary treasure. Trade goods, rob merchants and battle the royal navy, other pirates, ghost ships and giant sea monsters. Customize and upgrade your ship to be faster, stronger and fiercer. Loot and plunder your way to fame and fortune and become the most wanted pirate.

Game Control:
Version 1: Rotate Ship: A & D or Left & Right, Adjust Speed: W & S or Up & Down, Shoot: Space or Left Mouse Click, Items: I, Pause: Esc, Select weapon: 1 2 3 4, Accpept quest: Z X C V.
Version 2:
Using mouse to control: Left click to steer ship, Right click to shoot
Using keyboard to control: Rotate Ship: A & D or Left & Right, Adjust Speed: W & S or Up & Down, Shoot: Space, Switch weapons: Tab, Open minimap: Shift or M, Activate crew’s ability: 1 2 3, Accpept quest: Z C, Pause: P

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