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Pacman GamePlay Pacman
Genres: Skill,
Game Summary: There’s nothing like a little old school Pacman game right? The great arcade game Pac-Man has been redone in flash and you can play it right here. Never played before?! What?! The basis is simple, a little yellow circle chomping his way around boards collecting pellets while trying to stay away from the ghosts. There are 240 pellets on every level, and when you eat them all you go on the next stage. Also there are escape tunels on the left and the right side so you can escape from the ghosts and power pills, when you eat one of them Pacman becomes temporarily invincible, the ghosts change their colour into dark blue, become slower and disoriented. You may then hunt those nasty runners and eat them for some extra points. Cheers and have fun chomping away at those pellets and ghosts!

Game Control: Arrow key to move

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