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One Piece Unlimited AdventureWatch One Piece Unlimited Adventure
Genres: cutscene games
Plot Summary: Cutscene movie from One Piece Unlimited Adventure Games. The Straw Hat Pirates aboard the Thousand Sunny are in peril as food and water supplies are running low. After Luffy reveals that he, Usopp, and Chopper wasted all the food in an eating contest, Sanji makes him and Chopper fish to make up for their loss, as well as Usopp looking out for any nearby islands to restock. Instead of catching any tasty fish, Luffy catches what appears to be a jewel. He tries to show the others his newfound mystery jewel, but no one is interested. They are more worried about the lack of food. “Can’t eat it, we don’t need it.” Luffy decides to use a Gum-Gum Rocket to launch himself into the air to get a better view hoping to see an island. Somehow, the jewel reacts and an island emerges from the sea, under the Thousand Sunny. Luffy and company decide to search the island for the “Hidden Treasure” which can only be found by breaking all the seals. A strange creature is trying to prevent them from breaking the seals. Not knowing what he is protecting the Straw Hat Pirates decide to go along with breaking the seals as they look for their missing ship.

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One Piece Unlimited Adventure Video Links:
Dub Link
One Piece Unlimited Adventure Version 1 English Dubbed (Youtube)

One Piece Unlimited Adventure Version 2 English Dubbed (Youtube)
One Piece Unlimited Adventure Version 2 English Dubbed (Youtube)
One Piece Unlimited Adventure Version 2 English Dubbed (Youtube)

Alternative Title:
Wan pisu: Anrimiteddo adobenchaa

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