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Halo 4Watch Halo 4
Genres: cutscene games
Plot Summary: Cutscene movie from Halo 4 Games. Four years after the events of Halo 3, a mysterious energy passes through the aft section of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn. Cortana activates the Master Chief’s cryopod as an unknown assailant boards the ship. After progressing through part of the ship the assailant turns out to be the Covenant, to which Cortana expresses concern as she believed that humanity had a cease fire with the Sangheili. As the Master Chief fights his way through the Covenant boarders, it is revealed that it isn’t one rogue Covenant ship on a salvage operation, but an entire fleet orbiting a Forerunner world. Cortana notices the nearest cruiser has it’s shields down and suggests firing a tactical nuke at it. Immediately after the cruiser is destroyed, a passage into the planet opens and activates a gravity well that begins to pull every ship in. The already weakened Forward Unto Dawn starts to disintegrate as it passes into the planet. While making their way to the escape pods, Cortana starts acting erratically. However upon reaching the pods, a Covenant cruiser collides with the Dawn, tearing through the escape pods. The hull breach sucks the Spartan outside just as the wreckage passes through.

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Halo 4 Video Links:
Dub Link
Halo 4 English Dubbed (Youtube)
Halo 4 English Dubbed (Youtube)
Halo 4 English Dubbed (Youtube)
Halo 4 English Dubbed (Youtube)
Halo 4 English Dubbed (Youtube)
Halo 4 English Dubbed (Youtube)

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