Gundam Wing Endless Waltz

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Gundam Wing Endless WaltzWatch Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
Genres: action, drama, science fiction
Themes: mecha, military
Plot Summary: After Colony 196 – One year has passed since the war between Earth and its colonies ended. Heero, Duo, Trowa and Quatre bid farewell to their Gundams and jettison them to the sun. Relena Darlian is now the deputy minister of the Earth Sphere Unified Nation. But as the Gundam pilots are adjusting to the peace on Earth, Relena is kidnapped and a new threat appears, led by Marimeia Khushrenada – daughter of the late dictator Treize Khushrenada and heir to the Barton Foundation. To make matters more complicated, Gundam Nataku pilot Wufei has sided with this faction. The Gundam pilots must recover their mobile suits and once again engage in battle before Marimeia’s forces succeed on their bid for global domination.

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Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Video Links:
Dub Link
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz English Dubbed (Putlocker)
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz English Dubbed (Uploadc)

Sub Link
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Part 1 English Subbed (Videofun)
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Part 2 English Subbed (Videofun)
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Part 3 English Subbed (Videofun)

Alternative title:
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Special Edition
New Mobile Report: Gundam-W Endless Waltz
New Mobile War Chronicle Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Special Edition
Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing Endless Waltz (Japanese)

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