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Genres: Adventure, RPG,
Game Summary: In a certain elf realm, there is an old belief. A great kingdom shall rise from a great army, and a great army emerged from the power of the chosen people. It has been a hereditary tradition, whoever wishes for joining the Eleven Army shall pass the seclusion. They are exiled down into a dungeon full of wicked creatures and enigmatic maze. Help the young solider defeat the abyssal dungeon and the five floors that it contains. Defend yourself by using weapons that you find within the dungeon and equip armour such as bucklers and head gear. Destroy enemies that come your way by choosing between a weapon such as a sword or claws, or learned arcane magic. Collect arc throughout the levels by destroying bushes, killing enemies, investigating fallen soldiers and opening chests. Use this arc to learn new skills in your arcane book. Defeat all of the levels in order to join the Eleven Army.

Game Control: Use “a,s,d,w” or arrow key to move, “r” or mouse to attack, “e” to grap dropped item.

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