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Chikyuu ga Ugoita HiWatch Chikyuu ga Ugoita Hi
Genres: drama
Plot Summary: January 16, 1995. Tsuyoshi Takahashi, a young student at Shiokaze elementary, is driven solely to get excellent grades. Because of this he often ignores those around him in his pursuit of perfection. Miho, a young girl in his class that wishes he would appreciate the people around him. Kazu a sickly and bed ridden classmate that lives near him. January 17, the 1995 Kobe / Hyogoken-Nanbu Earthquake strikes killing more than 6000 people and leaving 300 000 more homeless. Measuring 6.9 on the Richter Scale, it was the largest Earthquake to hit Japan since the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. In the aftermath of the quake, Tsuyoshi’s finds his priorities changing. Dealing with the death of one friend while helping another to cope with a very personal loss, Tsuyoshi is forced to mature into someone who can no longer ignore the suffering around him.

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Chikyuu ga Ugoita Hi Part 1 English Subbed (Byzoo)
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Chikyuu ga Ugoita Hi Part 1 English Subbed (Playpanda)
Chikyuu ga Ugoita Hi Part 2 English Subbed (Playpanda)
Chikyuu ga Ugoita Hi Part 3 English Subbed (Playpanda)
Chikyuu ga Ugoita Hi English Subbed (Veoh)

Alternative Title:
The Day the Earth Moved

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  1. anonymousdrifter
    Mar 18, 2015 at 13:42:18

    I pray for those lost and those who survived . It is a sad thing that so many of us have to live through such times to learn what is really important in life. May God bless all and let all who see this wonderful work learn from and feel it’s strength.


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