Armored Dragon Legend Villgust

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Armored Dragon Legend VillgustWatch Armored Dragon Legend Villgust
Genres: action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, romance
Plot Summary: VIllgust is a peaceful world that exists parallel to ours. However, now an evil deity has been revived and has sent evil creatures to destroy many countries, which left darkness and terror to rule the world. The peoples’ prayers and cries has reached out to the goddess Windina and in order to free the world from darkness she chose eight brave warriors to defeat the evil deity. Although blessed, these warriors are unaware at the path chosen for them, thus the two groups of Kui, Chris, Fanna, and Youta must meet up with Murobo, Remi, Ryuquir, and Bostov before they can follow the path chosen for them and defeat the evil deity.

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Armored Dragon Legend Villgust Video Links:
Sub Link
Armored Dragon Legend Villgust Episode 1 Part 1 English Subbed (Youtube)
Armored Dragon Legend Villgust Episode 1 Part 2 English Subbed (Youtube)
Armored Dragon Legend Villgust Episode 1 Part 3 English Subbed (Youtube)

Alternative Title:
Kouryuu Densetsu Villgust

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