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Anarchy ReignsWatch Anarchy Reigns
Genres: action
Plot Summary: Cutscene movie from Anarchy Reigns Games. Maximillian Caxton suffers the pain of visions about killing anyone yells around the city of Altambra where Chaser Guild agent, Jack Cayman quits tobacco smoking because the girl named Stela Fitzgerald tells him that is unhealthy. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Public Safety agents Nikolai Dmitri Bulygin, Leonhardt Victorion and Sasha Ivanoff investigate there to learn where Max is located. After meeting the Blacker Baron and assistant Mathilda, Jack remembers at Milvallen that he is very nice to Stela who is shot and killed by the friendly fire during the rescue and is buried in the graveyard where Maximillian’s daughter Jeannie tells Jack that Max drunk too much and had excess drugs and tells Jack to stop the Bureau from killing Max. At Port Valenda, Jack confronts Leo and fight until Max appears out of nowhere and leaves. With Jack forcing himself to kill Max before Baron stops him, Leo protects Max from Nikolai who tries to kill him. At Bari-Shur, Leo refuses Nikolai to kill Max, damaging Nikolai’s first form. Jack beats and knocks Max unconscious for shooting Max’s wife and killing anyone at the ruined gladiator coliseum, where after reuniting with Sasha, Mathilda and Baron, Jack and Leo having confused for fighting each other confronts Nikolai in his final form who sends his wasted army of drones to kill them. Nikolai knocks all agents unconscous to his own victory, but Jack skewers him in half with his chainsaw and leaves Bari-Shur taking Nikolai’s head with him while the recovered Leo and Sasha brings Max back home.

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